A Story of Passion, Expertise and Global Impact

The founders of PMGS International have several companies in social  services and retail. This way they want to contribute to a better world.

The franchise retail companies carry out a green & social philosophy by recycling of products in a social, natural setting. The customers are aware and are part of our philosophy and support the message.

PMGS International OY supports businesses in Finland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & Australia with development and supplying of high-end software.

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Welcome to PMGS International, where our founders spearhead social services and eco-conscious retail. Rooted in a commitment to a better world, our franchise retail endeavors embrace a green philosophy. Recycling products in a social, natural setting, we invite customers to join our mission, fostering awareness and support. Across Finland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia, PMGS International OY stands ready to support businesses with top-tier software development and supply. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and impactful future.


We believe in a pro-active contribution in a green & social environment by offering (inter)national businesses consultancy services and high-end technology solutions.

Our services

  • Consultancy services
  • Technology & development
  • Franchise models
  • White label products
  • International mediation & support
  • Start-ups and all-round business advice


Global engine for unique product mediation

The ‘global enige for unique product mediation’ is offered to self-service flea markets, concept stores and other shop-in-shop retail companies as an international multi seller online platform combined with physical instore selling of unique, own made and environment conscious products. The ‘community’ (seller-is-buyer, buyer-is-seller) app and browser accounts will be maximized with Artificial Intelligence for easy, fast and efficient product placement including supplying detailed product information, successful product mediation and green international transport.

The innovative online platform enables even private individuals and small enterprises to take advantage of the sophisticated professional tools and methodology for effective sales, marketing and cost management – turning sourcing into their competitive advantage.

The solution offers per web site and mobile App businesses and their customers (buyers and sellers) a unique experience for easy and effective selling and buying of products by connecting online and offline markets. Customers will be able to optimize the buying, selling and administrative processes and gain significant in time, costs and sales. With Artificial Intelligence the solution brings the two worlds of buyers and sellers effectively together and delivers a smooth product mediation.



A circular economy (often referred to simply as “circularity”) is an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources. This regenerative approach contrasts with the traditional linear economy, which has a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production. In a circular system resource input and waste, emission and energy leakage are minimized …

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