Store revenue & services

The stores offer sellers to rent sales place in the store and online. Store owners use different pricing models as; fixed rent prices per period (day, week(s)), commission based prices (% commission over sales of products) and a combination of fixed and commission pricing.
The stores offer sellers several services to increase sales and/or minimize work for the seller. Depending on the stores and services, different pricing models are offered. There are as many variations in services and prices, as the wishes of sellers.

The solution of PMGS International OY adds a new (online) dimension to the shopping and selling experience. The solution gives the stores the possibility to offer all kind of extra services to increase income. Also, when the sellers decide not to use the services, the stores have excellent earning models.
The exact earnings and workflow for a store when using the web shop, depend on the business decisions of the store, offered earning models and specific sellers wishes. 

The store owner offers customers an instore self-service place to create good professional product photos for the web shop, but also the possibility to offer a paid service. The instore place is uniform in all stores and a clear recognizable point which is functional and has marketing/communication purposes. Also will be offered several supporting tools and advices to support sellers with a professional product presentation for the web shop.
Customers which aren’t aware of the existence of the web shop after the online communication and marketing done by the store, will recognize the meaning of this specific created instore location for placing products online. PMGS International OY will advise the stores and supply materials for a successful online and instore marketing and communication.

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